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Top tips for the Summer Holidays

The Summer Holidays are approaching and they can be the stuff of dreams or nightmares! Our staff have a few ideas to get the most out of this time.

  1. Don’t put together an agenda for every day, young children never go to plan!
  2. Use water where you can. A paddling pool, the bath, or even a bucket of water can bring hours of fun (but be water safe, don’t leave small children alone near water)
  3. Save up those vouchers to pay for days out
  4. Everyone loves a picnic! Eat outdoors or on the floor if it’s raining!
  5. Use your library, most libraries have activities going on for the full six weeks – and they’re usually free
  6. Get growing! Use some seeds from your tomatoes or pick up some cheep packets and see if they grow, kids live to nurture their own projects
  7. Build a fort! Again, inside or out – let the kids be creative with materials, some sheets and blankets, and see what they come  up with
  8. Board games can be found a plenty, and cheaply in many charity shops – show the kids the games you used to play. Many card games like twist and snap can help their learning skills too!
  9. Keep an eye out for offers – many places do kids eat free and lots of cinemas offer cheap tickets for early morning viewings
  10. Get cooking! Involve your kids in food preparation, making their picnics, baking – be as adventurous as you like!
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