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Helping families to flourish

Providing the support families need to flourish - helping parents provide positive childhoods and supportive families.

Our trained Family and Youth volunteer mentors help hundreds of young people and parents to raise their skills and realise their aspirations.

Developed over the past ten years, our mentoring combines long-term support with skills training. Mentors are ‘listening ears’, they teach coping strategies, guide through short-term goals, and provide personalised, practical help. Our mentors, supported by dedicated Mentor Coordinators, bring considerable skill and expertise to each relationship. They share experiences and learnings from across our other services and signpost for more specific help. Mentors give mentees control and motivation to make their own positive changes. 

Working with families approaching crisis, the Stanwell and Clarendon Family Centre teams offers outreach support, practical advice, and activities to help parents give their children the best start in life.

Everyone is so kind and compassionate…all the little things made a big difference, thank you for all your generosity, kindness, and support.

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"Julie doesn’t know what she would have done without you"

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