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It’s International Day of Education

Next Wednesday is the UN's International Day of Education, with the theme of 'invest in people, prioritise education', celebrates education, and promotes the importance of learning for development.

Delivering education is not limited to schools or colleges; we all have a duty to promote quality education as it can lift many people out of disadvantage and help them to fulfill their potential.

Prior to the pandemic, the Department for Education (DfE) defined persistent absence as “when a pupil enrolment’s overall absence equates to 10%”

The Education Data Lab reported in 2021 that:

Persistent absence is higher among pupils in Years 8 to 11 [with] almost 50% of disadvantaged pupils in Years 10 and 11 missing at least 10% of sessions.

Much of this can be attributed to illness (Covid) at the time but the statistics are still staggering and proves why alternative learning and support, like that offered by our STEPS to 16 team, are so vital.


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"They give everyone a second, third, or even a fourth chance. They don't give up on people, even if they have given up on themselves."