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New Job, new worries

Getting a job can be hard work, starting a new job can be even more worrying. We have a few tips that might help.

When you start the first week of a new job, recruitment agency Indeed suggests you:

Begin with introductions

At the start of a new job, try and show your enthusiasm for the job and introduce yourself to new people. It can be scary but you will get your chance when making a drink or at lunch. Everyone remembers what starting a new job is like and most people will try to help.

Pay attention to your surroundings

As you’re introducing yourself, note how the other person is reacting. If they seem distracted, keep it short. If they seem happy to talk, you can continue to get to know this person better. Try to engage by asking the other person about themselves but make sure you listen to their answer.

Do your best to remember names

But don’t feel overwhelmed by needing to remember everyone’s name. If you forget someone’s name, just be honest, you could say: ‘I’m sorry, I’ve been taking in a lot of new information over the last few days. Could you remind me of your name?’

Find the best time to ask questions

In your first week, try to find the right time to ask questions. Try and be specific about what you’re asking to ensure you get the correct information, ask the most important questions first e.g. if you can’t get your computer or access badge to work get help immediately. You can always write down your questions so you don’t forget. If you have a lot of questions for one person or group, consider setting up a meeting,  you can always list out the questions you have so they have time to prepare.

Find a friendly colleague or friend

Once you’ve made some introductions and have a sense of who you’ll be working with, ask a new colleague out for lunch or coffee. It could be the person sitting next to you or another newcomer who began working for the company around the same time you did. Developing a trusted relationship can help make you feel more comfortable as you’re getting to know an unfamiliar workplace.

Get to know your work place

Find the bathrooms, the break area, the stairs, where you can eat lunch, and any other amenities your workplace offers. If they haven’t given you a tour, consider asking a colleague for one. In this first week, you can also try to experiment with your commute. Find the best times to leave home and test different routes or transportation methods. Identifying and establishing the routines early on can help you feel more comfortable in your new role.

Good luck!


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