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Positive Outcomes – STEPS to 16

Our STEPS to 16 educational support team specialises in supporting and re-engaging 14 to 16 year olds struggling with mainstream education.

The students live with a range of needs and challenges including problems at home, low self-esteem, and poor social, mental, and emotional health.

Our high tutor to student ratio supports the holistic learning environment, the curriculum is tailored to the specific needs of each student, and the more informal educational setting of our Learning Centre (Woking) helps students to feel more at ease.
With this approach we aim to nurture the young people’s social development and help them achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

The team encourages and enables students to gain qualifications in core subjects such as English and Maths; the nurturing environment and Life Skills curriculum (Healthy Living, Domestic Cooking, Sport and Fitness, Group and Teamwork, Preparation for work and college, vocational activities, art etc.) helps the students to develop strong life skills as they transition into adulthood.

During 2022-2023, 22 students were supported by the team, including twelve year 11 students who took their exams. All successfully secured accredited qualifications.

You can find out more about what we mean by alternative education by clicking here.

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