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Endeavour's endeavours

On Saturday, 16th September, our Swingbridge Community Boats took part in this year's Wey Festival!

Six of us crewed Endeavour for the Wey Festival evening parade.

We departed the boat club mooring at 3pm and arrived at Dapdune about 4:45 and moored alongside Tranquility.

A serious wash and brush up ensued followed by the installation of 60m of fairy lights.

Immediately after the 5pm skippers briefing we followed Tranquility (also tastefully bedecked with with fairy lights etc) up to Millmead wharf adjacent to the White House pub. This being the collection and start point for the parade.

We were the first boats there and we waited for about an hour or so whilst many other boats arrived to wait for the parade.

We used the time to engage with the public,  hand out Swingbridge Santa leaflets and chat to other boaters.

A couple of Swingbridgers emerged from the throng on the bank so we persuaded them to join us just in time for the start.

The parade commenced as darkness began to fall just after 7pm, the boat carrying the steel band leading the way. A video of the action can be found here

We had a great time and enjoyed waving at the multitude of people lining the banks. Some compliments were shouted to us from the darkness at a various points. Comments to the effect that we are volunteers that do good work, so it’s nice to know that we are appreciated by some members of the public.

With the parade over we left Endeavour moored alongside Tranquility for the night and moved her back to the boat club in the morning.

Special thanks go to N for the lights, C for the sausages and rolls & A for all the work he did from 8am onwards!  Also the NT for their gift of a large tub of Heroes which we enjoyed en route!


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