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Endeavour's endeavours

Regular updates on the environmental work carried out by our volunteer Swingbridge Endeavour crews.

9 of us today, including 5 Community Payback Clients.

We met Guildford Borough Council who provided us with the necessary materials to fence off a large dog hole at Riverside Nature Reserve.  The group worked really diligently and completed the task in the constricted time available.  J came back to collect the tools he had loaned us and was happy with the job we had done.  We used all of the fencing mesh he had given us, so there is a small length to add to finish the job completely, when more fencing wire is available.  The remaining wooden stakes and fencing planks were left on site.

The weather was perfect, and those who were keen had the opportunity to learn boat handling skills. 


You can find out more about our Swingbridge Community Boats here.

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