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Endeavour's endeavours

Regular updates on the environmental work carried out by our volunteer Swingbridge Endeavour crews.

Blessed with sunshine today, 7 of us set off for the Jumping Bridge to continue the work done by previous groups – we made more inroads but the scale of the job is daunting.

We had an early lunch then made our way upstream past St. Catherine’s to seek more riverside balsam which we removed with deft helming by A.  There is a large branch/small tree which is lying across the river upstream of the ‘steps’ mooring which we tried to move but it is still attached at the base so we were unsuccessful even using rope and engine.  We took the what3words location and I will communicate this to Guildford Borough Council.

Thanks to whoever cleaned the stains off the mugs, they look new again!


You can find out more about our Swingbridge Community Boats here.

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