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Endeavour's endeavours

Regular updates on the environmental work carried out by our volunteer Swingbridge Endeavour crews.

Six of us on today: Alan, Keith (Probation Service) three clients, two of which were new, plus myself.

After some perseverance over the preceding days, A had managed to make contact with Guildford Borough Council, who agreed to drop off some aggregate at the top of the Shalford Steps. Hence we made leisurely progress upriver, with the new participants getting a chance to helm and work the locks.

We were pleased to find three quarter-filled ‘ton-bags’ of scalpings already delivered at on the cycle path at the top of the steps. The guys made short work of barrowing the scalpings down and we spread them over the steps. We initially started at the top, but it quickly became evident that there was nowhere near enough to complete the job, so we redirected our efforts to the lower steps which needed the most in-filling.

After a coffee break, we decided to reinforce the large dog hole at the end of the board-walk, having seen a Labrador and a Spaniel both successfully navigate their way round in to the river!

After lunch, the guys had further helming and lock practice. It was a bit frustrating that we didn’t have the materials. The lads would have easily completed the job. Nevertheless, with sunshine and 21’, it was a beautiful day to be on the river.


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