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Endeavour's endeavours

Regular updates on the environmental work carried out by our volunteer Swingbridge Endeavour crews.

Almost full house – 9 of us today.

Again noticed a lot of small wasps on the boat at the mooring. They disappeared once we were under way, so we think there must be a nest near the mooring rather than on the boat. We went balsam bashing up at Shalford, until lunchtime, then slowly cruised to Broadmead Bridge, filling the boat with offside and overhead cutback, plus a few more bankside balsams, as we went.

Good sighting of a kingfisher doing its rounds during lunchbreak. A disaster – particularly as we had so many on board – another chair broke. However, with admirable initiative, Alan looked up ebay, found some on auction, and his bid was successful, so we should have some more green chairs next week. I can report that loppers chop up chairs much quicker than saws.

Swingbridge saves the day – while at Shalford lock, heard a splash by the hire boat that had just come through, with an accompanying expletive. We were able to recover their lock key for them with some magnet fishing, much to their relief.

Cheers all


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