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Endeavour's endeavours

Regular updates on the environmental work carried out by our volunteer Swingbridge Endeavour crews.

After meeting up with our enthusiastic quartermaster B, who distributed clothes to the needy crew we learnt that Guildford Borough Council  was unable to supply us with the necessary fencing materials to keep the cows out of the Wey so plan B was called for.

It looked like being a wet day picking balsam in the fields of Shalford, but fortunately we discovered that there was enough remaining tree growth to be removed and transported at the Guildford Rowing Club so we set off and spent the day cutting the remaining mixture of Elm Ash and Elder that was obscuring the undercroft. Both K and S excelled on the helm, and B displayed his  characteristic enthusiasm with a saw.

Lunch was spent sheltering from the rain in the concrete tunnel and after lunch we completed the clearance and tidied up the bank. It was decided that in view of the deteriorating weather we would finish early.


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"Until you try something like this you don’t realise how beneficial it is"

"It was my chance to learn some new skills, it boosted my self confidence, out on the river was like basic mental health therapy."