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Family Support – Holly’s Story

Holly's progress was amazing. She went from coming in to see me in floods of tears to a very confident person who stood up tall and proud of herself.

Daniel is father to three children, he has depression, is a functioning alcoholic, and is a regular drug user; he often lashes out at his partner, Holly.

In 2021, Holly took the brave step to separate from Daniel as it was all starting to have an impact on her and the children, especially young Isla.

Daniel is so unpredictable and will cause arguments at any opportunity. I have depression because of it and Isla has anger outbursts at home.  I wish I had the confidence to deal him.

With the help of our Stanwell Family Centre team and her Outreach Worker, Holly was able to find support and learn new skills. Holly took part in talking therapy, the Freedom Programme (a course designed to help people affected by Domestic Violence), and 123 magic to help her with her parenting and managing Isla’s behaviour.

Holly can see the success she has made – “my children are healthier and doing well at school, I can take care of myself and know how to get help if I need it, I know how to be honest with my kids. I feel more confident, I control my own life, and I have choices. I have a job and my money is my own… I’m even saving up for a holiday!”

You can find out more about how we support families here.

Names changed and models used to protect privacy

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