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Mentoring – Kati’s Story

"The help she gave me made me want to be a mentor myself"

‘When I was younger, I dealt with a lot of demons. I was self-harming by twelve years old and had suicidal thoughts. I was referred to CAMH’s and had regular counselling for around a year or so. I was dating a boy two years older than me and due to some turbulent events in our relationship I was forced to grow up a lot quicker than most. I couldn’t enjoy some of my formative years.

After moving schools and finishing up with my counselling I did feel like a different person. I was happier, but I was still having bad days. I had seen just how my depression and anxiety had affected those around me and it caused me to push away a lot of my family and friends, under the guise that I was better, and they had nothing to worry about anymore.

That’s when I started mentoring with Teresa. I was quickly approaching my GCSE years and was recreationally using drugs, I had had some help with this from another service but truthfully it wasn’t another counsellor I needed, it was just someone to talk to.

I met my mentor, Teresa, and speaking to her gave me hope for the future. She had a lot more life experience than me and helped me with some of the challenges I was faced. She never judged me, never told me to do anything, just spoke to me and guided me into making my own decisions. This helped me open up, not only to her but those around me.

There was no time limit to our sessions, and we still talk occasionally to this day. The help she gave me led to me wanting to be a mentor myself, and I have recently finished the mentoring training and began with a young girl.

Although I went through a lot to get where I am, I am glad I did as it gave me the opportunity to help another person the way Surrey Care Trust helped me.

You can help us to continue supporting the hundreds of young people like Kati, any and all donations will make the difference. Thank you.

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