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Steps 2 Work – Joseph’s story

"After the first conversation they invited me in and showed me around the centre - I felt like having a job was going to be good and something I could do."

Before I met Steps2Work I was unemployed, and the idea of working felt unrealistic because I don’t have enough qualifications. I had never had a job before and the whole process of finding work, traveling to and from a workplace and tackling interviews felt very overwhelming and scary for me.

I was introduced to Chelcie and Shannon and they explained the support they could offer and made finding work seem achievable, they focused on helping me to take small steps, accompanying me on buses to help build my confidence and to appointments independently so that I felt confident to access work.

I got an offer for a 6month kickstart position as a data entry technician and now feel successful and more confident in my ability to have a job.

One thing I am proud of myself for is feeling confident to use transport like buses on my own and regularly.

I feel like I have learnt a lot over the last 6 months, I’ve learnt how work space environments work. I’ve got better with researching and fact checking, a big part of my current role, along with gaining skills in data entry and inputting. I’ve also got better at communicating with managers and asking for help. The best thing about having a job is having routine and structure, knowing what is happening every week really helps me feel less overwhelmed.

The last 6 months have been very good and rewarding and I’m glad I did the kickstart role but now it is coming to an end I am looking to find another job, but because I have already had one, I think it will be easier to settle into a new role because I know what to expect. I’m looking for similar jobs to continue growing my skills in IT.

Having money is good and being able to save for the future is important to me, plus I like buying new Spiderman Comics!

Joseph, 20

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