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Family Mentoring – Julie’s Story

"Julie doesn’t know what she would have done without you"

‘’I was able to support Julie to build confidence in approaching difficult life situations. Over time I watched her overcome challenges and achieve where she wanted to be. It’s encouraging to see her become more confident in trusting her own abilities and to see her in her new place happy and healthy. Nothing is more rewarding to me’’

Julie was a mum of two young boys with a baby on the way due soon. Her partner was in work but his wages were not enough to support the family financially and they needed urgent support to get back on their feet.

Julie suffered from a lack of confidence and depression and had become an introvert. She had gone through an emotionally challenging time having nowhere to live with 2 young boys. When she was eventually allocated accommodation it came with severe problems. The tiny flat was covered in mould and damp and seriously affecting the boy’s health and hers. Julie was struggling to find the energy to do anything as her depression took hold. Julie realised that something had to be done for the boys and her unborn child.

Initially, Julie was very shy and reserved, she wasn’t sure about meeting her family mentor and life was overwhelming for her. Her volunteer mentor was able to gain her trust and support her.

With her mentor’s help, Julie wrote to the council and, after many meetings and an assessment of the property, she was finally moved into more suitable accommodation. Although she was proud of her achievement, this came with further complications she didn’t own any furniture!

Again, her mentor was able to support her to find low cost and free furniture including new beds for the boys. For the first time ever the boys had a bedroom of their own to sleep in. Julie hoped that a peaceful night’s sleep would help the boys settle down at school.

Just as life was starting to come together, COVID arrived and it hit Julie and her family hard. Her partner’s low wages were already stretched, the little money they had was not enough for bills and food. With her mentor’s help, she went to the local foodbank and arranged for an emergency food package that day, and ongoing support for the next few months. For the first time, she felt relief that she could feed her boys.

Gradually over time, Julie saw her mentor less and less. Occasionally she would call to ‘sound something out’, she just wanted reassurance and her mentor was able to provide that.  Julie and her partner were overjoyed with the arrival of their baby, a new sister for the boys!

It makes me feel good to know that I have supported Julie to have the kind of life her and her family deserve. She is in a better place and a calmer environment to bring up the children.

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"To be honest I probably get as much out of mentoring as they do, as it's so fulfilling."