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Volunteering with a difference – Kari’s Story

"Rather selfishly, I enjoy being part of the work the Trust does."

I first became aware of the Trust when our company became involved and then supported for some years. When I left I wanted to stay involved because I like what they do.

It’s not glamourous or sexy – but a key thing that hit me was that – to be poor or off the rails in Surrey is really hard.

I also liked the size of the Charity – and the professional way it was managed. Now that I’m working at the Stanwell Family Centre I feel that I can be a representative of the team on the Board – and also be a listening ear. It is helpful to have both hats i.e. a volunteer at the Centre and a Trustee so I understand what’s going on at the top.

I like telling people about what the Trust does – hoping to get them interested as well. I like the work of the Mentoring Project because I am speaking to so many people with mental health issues and the majority seem to just need someone to talk to; someone who will listen and who will care about them. The Trust is flexible and has gone down different routes to meet the changing needs of people in the area. The staff are such special people – all of them, and I so admire their commitment to the Trust. It’s not as though they do it for the money!

If you would like to find out more on becoming a Surrey Care Trust Trustee contact Kathryn Davies at or download our Trustee Information Pack.

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