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Wellbeing Mentors

Young people aged 11-18 struggling with issues such as anxiety, self-harm, or depression can get help from a Wellbeing Mentor

Working with the Surrey Wellbeing Partnership we offer free long-term support to young people struggling with poor mental health.

Our trained volunteer Wellbeing Mentors create a ‘long term safety net’ of support giving young people security, removing barriers like isolation and loneliness, and decreasing their stress and anxiety.

Mentees regularly meet their mentors, one-to-one, to talk through their troubles and work towards short-term goals. Mentors help their mentees learn coping strategies and techniques to manage problems and, over time, each young person increases their self-belief and resilience; they feel supported and valued.

I felt then I could really open up and let out everything. I began to doubt myself less and believe in myself more as I realised that someone was there for me.

Where possible, young people can also take part in some of our Nurture through Nature activities either on our Swingbridge Community Boats or at our Gateway Community Allotment.

Further support can also be provided by our family support mentoring teams.

Contact us here to find out more.

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Helping young people to improve their mental health by getting outdoors and active!

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