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Can you help us?

£5 is a lot of money to a lot of people, to some, it can change their life; could you give £5 today and make the difference?

I’ve made friends, I’ve got a job and  I go out now. More importantly, I offer support to others and help them when needed.

We support thousands of young people, parents, and single adults work through challenges such as anxiety or depression, unemployment, struggles at school, and with relationships. For some, these challenges can be tackled with patience and by providing a listening ear, for others, their needs are complex and frightening.

We do not, and will not, give up – on anyone. If we can help someone, we will do our best to help them, or find someone better – that is the Surrey Care Trust way.

But it does come at a cost.

We are fortunate in having the support of over 600 volunteers, but more and more people need our help, and more and more people come to use with increasingly complicated issues. We’re here to help, but we can only do it with the help of others.

A gift of £5, or any amount, at this time can make a big difference.  It could help to support a mentor keep in touch with their mentee for a month, buy pens and other materials for our STEPS to 16 students, or help take out vulnerable and isolated people on Swingbridge Tranquility

But it can also do so much more; it can show people who have given up on themselves that people still care, that they have value and have a positive future, it can show them they are not alone.

Visit our Donate and our Real Life page to find out about the difference you can make.

Thank you.

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