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Nurture, Flourish, Thrive: a Surrey where all children and young people can succeed.

This summer, we're launching our new campaign to provide mentoring support in more areas - ensuring every child and young person is supported to reach their potential.

In Surrey, we estimate there are:

  • Nearly 4,000 families needing outreach support
  • 42,000 young people struggling with mental illness
  • At least 30,000 young people who are neurodivergent
  • At least 8,000 young people struggling at mainstream school due to social, emotional, & mental health issues
  • At least 23,000 children impacted by income deprivation

Additionally, on average, vulnerable young people in Surrey live with at least 7 different needs and issues, issues that involve their mental health, relationships, and skills.

Our Youth & Family Mentoring uniquely integrates intensive, short-term mentoring from our experienced staff with less intensive, long-term preventative/step down mentoring from trained volunteers.

These Mentors are ‘listening ears’, they teach coping strategies, share their own experiences and signpost for more specific help. They provide consistent support for many issues, motivate mentees to make their own positive changes, and they provide practical support and advocacy. Their support, often combined with outdoor activities, builds confidence, resilience, and reduces isolation; it is a powerful combination that truly helps children and young people living with multiple problems.

Since 2020, we have offered Youth & Family Mentoring across Surrey, with: 99% of parents and young people reporting improvements in their family lives 93% of young people reporting improvements in their mental health 90% of young people worked on volunteering or employment opportunities 81% of young people worked to improve in their education.

We know we can make the difference to the lives of families, children and young people, we just need you to join us.

Contact the Fundraising team to talk more about how you can be involved in our campaign, take part in an event, or make a donation through the form below.

  • £35 means we could take a young person on a wellbeing activity day
  • £50 means we could provide mentor support for a parent or young person for one week
  • £200 means we could provide mentor support for a parent of young person for a month
  • £2,400 means we could provide mentor support for a parent or young person for a year

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"The help she gave me made me want to be a mentor myself"