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Mentoring – Leo’s Story

"My mentor has helped me feel more confident, be more motivated , achieve something I thought I wouldn't do, feel proud of myself, deal better with people and achieve things I wanted to do."

Leo suffers with anxiety and obsessive behaviour. He would punch walls and self harm; he has low body image and depression.

Leo met with his mentor weekly to talk through his feelings and issues, and to work on strategies for his well-being, self esteem and anxiety. Now, the increase in his confidence and self esteem, as a result of mentoring, is visible. He says, 

I’ve got a job, started cycling again, taking more photos and I am talking to my Nan more. I am in a better mood and feel a lot better about most things in my life

Mentoring makes the difference. Visit here to find out more about our more.

*names changed and models used to protect privacy
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