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Thank you Squires Garden Centres!

The Shanly Foundation supports our Swingbridge Community Boats. Thank you!

A huge thanks to Squire’s Garden Centres for awarding gardening vouchers to our Gateway Garden as part of their ‘Love Where you Live’ 2024 programme, supporting the work of  projects within communities close to its centres.

The programme, in a brand new format this year, seeks to assist community gardening projects that educate, grow produce, or provide  health and wellbeing benefits through horticulture.   Over 80 applications were received within a 6-week period, highlighting the need for funds by projects like the Garden who champion horticulture for the benefit of the local community.

The Gateway Garden was one of only nine groups to have been presented with their award, comprising Squire’s vouchers so they can choose plants, tools and other gardening supplies. Initial meetings have also taken place with local Squire’s team members who will support projects with their expert advice. As the spring gardening season gets underway, award winners will be making their proposed plans a reality, armed with additional funds and their teams of willing gardeners. Projects will culminate at the end of July, when award recipients will report back on their achievements.

Gateway Community Garden is passionate about horticulture and community wellbeing. We are truly delighted to have received a ‘Love Where You Live, 2024’ award. Our charity project offers people of all ages the opportunities, skills, and support to fulfil their potential and the funding will make a big impact within our garden. This year we are creating an outdoor kitchen, and we can now grow and cook more fresh produce. We are also very excited to mark the award with a beautiful new wind sculpture, ‘The Tulip’ which stands proudly at the entrance as a wonderful focal point, inviting contemplation, relaxation, and appreciation of nature’s beauty. Thank you, Reigate Squire’s!

Milly O’Ryan, Nurture through Nature Assistant Manager

Visit here to find out more about the Garden and here if you would like to get involved.

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